Top Electric Bikes in India

Hello guys welcome to this article, so today we will going to tell you Top Electric Bikes in India. Are you looking to buy an electric bike ? At Zigwheels we are providing a comprehensive list of best electric bikes in India in the price range of Rs. 39,990 – Rs. 3.00 Lakh. The most popular electric motorcycles include Revolt RV400 (Rs. 1.62 Lakh), Oben Rorr (Rs. 1.02 Lakh) and Ultraviolette F77 (Rs. 3.80 Lakh). The top brands that produce electric bikes are Revolt, Oben, Ultraviolette, Tork, Matter EV. So guys stay with us because we will going to talk about their features and specifications, so if you are thinking to buy a E Bikes then this article is for you, so without wasting anytime lets start today’s article.

Top Electric Bikes in India:


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1. Revolt RV 400:

This bike super affordable and easy to ride, very good experience and very good speed, nice looking and good charging capacity. Revolt RV 400 was launched on 28 August 2019 and its available in Two variants which is Base and Premium. Now if we talk about its features then you will get to see that, The Revolt RV 400 e-bike is equipped with a full-LCD instrument cluster and 4G connectivity. The bike can be paired to one’s smartphone via the Revolt app to check details like travel history, battery health, range, nearest swap station and the likes. Revolt RV 400 can go up to 150 km/charge after a full charge, Revolt RV 400 battery takes 4.5 Hours to get charged. The Revolt RV 400 is powered by a 72V 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery, which takes around 4.5 hours to charge completely using a 15A section. If y you are in hurry the battery can be simply swapped at the Revolt Swap Station. This considerably reduces the downtime for recharging compared to conventional electric vehicles with non-removable batteries. If we talk about the price of Revolt RV 400 then you will get this only in Rs. 1.62 lakh.

2. Ultraviolette F77:

Top Electric Bikes in India

Ultraviolette F77 is a amazing bike and the riding experience is also good , and the look of this bike is eye catching and the features are also perfect in this bike. Ultraviolette F77 was launched in India on 24 N and this model was available in three variants which is STD, Recon and the top variant F77 Space Edition and with four different color options. If we see the features and design of this bike then you will get to see that, The Ultraviolette F77 features a five-inch TFT instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, which also gives ride analytics. Other features include all LED lighting, navigation, geofencing, crash detection, dual-channel ABS, 9-axis IMU and three ride modes: Glide, Combat and Ballistic. The Ultraviolette F77 follows a streetfighter theme but with full side fairings designed to look seamless. The sleek LED headlight comes with signature V-shaped LED DRLs making it look quite premium. Further raising the quotient of sportiness are the clip-on handlebars and chiseled ‘tank’ which houses the charging port. The fairing design goes hand-in-glove with the rear portion of the bike, which includes a raised tail section with a split-seat setup and a conventional license plate holder. Ultraviolette F77 can go upto 307 km/charge after full charge, Ultraviolette F77 battery takes 4 Hours to get charged. Now the price of Ultraviolette F77 is about Rs. 3.80 – 5.60 Lakh.

3. Matter EV Aera:

Top Electric Bikes in India

Matter EV Aera is a awesome bike with a nice look and stylish design and best battery  backup best led light and fog light. Matter EV Aera  was launch in India on November 2022, and its available in single variants with five different color option which is Cosmic Black, Nord Grey, Blaze Red, Cosmic Blue, Glacier White. Now if we talk about its features then you will get to see that, the Matter EV Aera 5000 comes loaded to this gills with features like 4G connectivity, keyless operating, a seven-inch LED touchscreen display with onboard navigation, and a nine-axis IMU. Its also gets LED lighting throughout, including a bitfunctional led projector. Comprehensive connective features like accident detection and auto-replay to calls while riding are also available. Its specialized smartphones app enables the owner to keep track of statistic including charge level, position and ride analysis.  Matter EV Aera can go upto 125 km/charge after a full charge and  the charging time of Matter EV Aera is about 5 Hours to get charged. The Matter EV Aera 5000 is powered by a IP65-rated 10.5kW, liquid, mid mounted motor, claiming an impressive 520Nm at the wheel. The E motorcycle gets a 5kWh battery pack which is liquid cooled. Now if we talk about its price then you will get this between Rs. 1.73 to 1.83 Lakh.


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